A growing number of small business owners are advertising their products and services to potential customers via car wrap ads, but why should you select this advertising technique?

Is it worth the investment? How effective is car advertising with vehicle wraps that have your branding? Is it worth the price of the marketing investment? Read this guide to find out.

Advantages of Car Advertising

Car wrap advertising is just one of many ways to advertise on a vehicle. The advantages of vehicle advertising and marketing are simple yet effective. Vehicle wrap advertising allows your small business high visibility on a cost-effective budget.

The primary advantage of vehicle wraps is promoting your business in a conspicuous way within a conservative budget. They allow you to build recognition for your brand within a large target market.

Wherever you drive, so long as your logo is on the outside of your car, people will see it! For businesses that rely on in-person and local customers, car wraps are effective at drawing in local clients. Drivers who take note of your wrapped vehicle are drawn to your business as they associate it with mobility, rarity, and assume you are in high demand.

The ROI of a vehicle wrap ad campaign is hard to measure with other advertising methods. To assess your ROI, you would need data on how much it costs to put an ad on your car, how many new customers it brings in and how much each new customer spends before and after being exposed to your vehicle advertisement.

What to Include in Car Wrap Ads

To ensure your vehicle wrap is effective, it’s important to understand what a good custom car wrap includes. Vehicle wrap services usually include design and installation services but can also include marketing consulting and the production of branded collateral like brochures and postcards.

When you look for a vehicle car wrap, try to find experts who will take your design idea from conception to reality. Equipt Graphics is a full-service, in-house vehicle wrap production facility with years of industry experience and a history of executing projects on time and on budget.

As you work with a professional to design your custom vehicle ads, keep in mind the information you wish to convey. Most car wraps contain the following basic elements:

  • Company logo
  • Company name
  • Contact information (phone and email)
  • Engaging imagery

When you design your advertisement with these tenants in mind, you will entice more potential clients to your business. Make sure the elements you choose are effective in converting viewers into leads.

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