It might surprise you to learn that vinyl vehicle wraps have only recently emerged as a viable alternative to painting. Wraps used to predominantly serve as a means for advertising on the sides of vehicles. However, more and more car owners are seeing the advantages that vinyl wraps can provide in offering a different appearance for your vehicle.

Perhaps you are curious about vinyl vehicle wraps and find yourself wondering how that can be beneficial for your car. If so, this brief guide can help break down four key reasons why more and more motorists like yourself are growing to prefer them overpainting.

1. Lower Cost

A quality paint job on a car, van, or truck is likely to cost multiple thousands of dollars. The cost of vinyl vehicle wrap tends to be far lower by comparison, as vehicle wraps require far less material and labor to apply.

In addition, several kinds of matte vehicle wraps can appear close to indistinguishable from a good paint job to the naked eye, making them all the more budget-friendly in the long run.

2. Wealth of Options

Vinyl vehicle wraps can come in any number of colors and styles. They also offer a wide variety of finishes, which can even be used to mimic the texture of several different kinds of materials and paint jobs, from carbon to gloss to iridescence.

Also, if you want to advertise your business or display any combination of text or graphics, vinyl vehicle wraps provide endless avenues for customization.

If it can be designed digitally, a vehicle wrap can let your car brandish it!

3. Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Protect Your Car’s Paint

You’re likely wondering, “How long do vinyl vehicle wraps last?”. Well, with care, a quality vehicle wrap can last many years, but often fewer years than the lifespan of your car.

Among the other benefits of vinyl vehicle wraps is the fact that they offer a protective outer layer that can preserve your car’s original paint. In the end, this will also protect your car’s resale value.

4. Easy to Remove

One of the most convenient qualities of vinyl vehicle wraps is that they’re in no way permanent! If you want frequent changes to your vehicle’s appearance or even just a simple switch, then you should know vinyl wraps can be removed or replaced as easily as they are applied.

Unlike paint jobs, they can be switched at your leisure, and you can even do it yourself!

Try a Fresh New Vinyl Wrap Today

There’s no easier way to experience the game-changing quality of vinyl vehicle wraps than to try one on your vehicle yourself. If you want to upgrade your car’s look or crave a change in style, it never hurts to check out your options.

At Equipt Graphics Solutions, we can assist you with every step of the process, from idealizing to design to installation. Contact us today and let us show you how we can take your vehicle’s look to the next level.