Money-saving and income-generating reasons abound for wrapping your vehicles, whether they are sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks or fleets of straight trucks or trailers. The obvious one is using vinyl wraps to market your company or services and catch the attention of drivers and others who need what you have to offer. But that isn’t the only way wraps will save or earn you money.

A wrapped vehicle:

  1. Adds Legitimacy
  2. Offers Versatility
  3. Protects the Underlying Paint
  4. Preserves the Vehicle’s Value
  5. Allows Quick Damage of Repairs
  6. Promotes Your Brand Everywhere Your Vehicles Go


Imagine this scenario: two competing companies’ work vans pull up to a potential customer’s home. Company A’s dirty white van is dented and has no identifying marks or message on it, not even the company name. Company B’s van is colorful, shiny and broadcasts the company name, licensing information and contact details over a striking image that represents the services the company provides.

Which company, A or B, is more likely to win the customer’s business?

  • Do your vehicles create positive impressions and show the world that you are a legitimate business hoping to be around for a long time?
  • Do they indicate that you care about what you do and are attentive to detail?
  • What do they say, through your choice of color and design, about your creative approach to solving problems?


In a year like 2020, with all the changes thrust upon you due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your business may have taken off like a rocket or been forced to completely change directions and reinvent itself. In either case, you could not afford any additional downtime. If you needed extra delivery trucks or revised messaging on all your vehicles, it had to happen fast.

Vinyl wraps give you the ability to quickly change your message to let people know what you’re doing now. Whether you choose to use temporary spot graphics or want to perform a radical overhaul, the transformation can be made with minimal downtime.

Even if the only change you make is a redesign of your company logo, adoption of a new color scheme, revision of your product or services, a wrap can make the transformation easy and fast.


A vinyl wrap protects the vehicle’s original paint job from scratches, dings and peeling and shields the paint from the elements, making the vehicle look better longer. Clear wraps are made specifically for this purpose, especially for leased vehicles.

More importantly, protecting your paint job from harm safeguards your vehicle from corrosion and the need to take it to a body shop for restoration. Avoiding time-consuming body work and repainting means your vehicle stays in commission, thus saving you money.


If you work with leased vehicles, you want to be able to return them in pristine condition.

If a wrap is properly installed, it can be safely removed at the end of the lease term, making the original, unscathed factory paint visible again, looking brand new.

If instead you sell the vehicles you own, the same advantage applies. Removing your branded wrap restores your vehicle to its original appearance and maintains its resale value.


Unfortunately, accidents happen. When they do, a reputable vehicle wrap company can reprint an exact replica of your wrap for the damaged sections of your vehicle. The installation on the repaired panels can be done quickly and easily to get your vehicle back to work as fast as possible.


Working vans and trucks travel from jobsite to jobsite; why not let them work for you wherever they are by broadcasting your name, products, services and contact information on vinyl wraps? Your vehicles will be in these places and on the road anyway, so either they can be unnoticed, or they can work for you 24/7.

This mobile marketing can greatly increase your business opportunities with no extra effort on your part. Just by being in the community—whether traveling or parked at a customer’s site—they remind people of your presence and value.

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions helps businesses attract attention in their communities by creating effective vehicle branding with durable, flexible, removable graphics that last for the vehicle’s lifetime. EQUIPT’s unique approach begins by establishing a rapport with clients around the design table to identify the client’s business and advertising needs. The creative team and certified installers scrutinize the tiniest details to produce aesthetically correct messaging on high-quality wraps that produce a 3D effect with each vehicle’s natural body lines.

With a leadership team possessing more than 65 years of combined experience constructing graphic-management programs for Fortune 1000 companies, EQUIPT Graphics Solutions offers tremendous value to businesses who want their vehicles to do more than carry just their people and products—who want them to “Show the World What You Do.” For more information, visit EQUIPT Graphics Solutions, LinkedIn or Facebook.