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Why should you choose us?

Our strengths and advantages


State of The Art


We created a state of the art facility that is a destination for clients interested in branding their business.  Our capabilities range from basic vehicle identification to brand transformation.  A welcoming environment that spurs creativity for your brand awaits you at EQUIPT.


Interiors + Exteriors

1-Stop Shop

EQUIPT has partnered with Commercial Van Interiors to provide a single source for all interior and exterior vehicle needs. Our combined workspace, assessment center and shop allows you the ability to design and execute exactly what you need to work and advertise in a whole new way.



Custom Exteriors

Every detail is important at EQUIPT Graphics Solutions. We begin with the lifecycle cost of your program in mind and build every single step in the process around a total solution for your business; no detail is overlooked.  Our business is built on your complete satisfaction.


From Beginning to End

Customer Service

From the moment you walk in the door you will experience an entirely new way to build your brand.  Each step reflects on our goal of ‘Showing the World What You Do.’

Check Out Examples Of

Our Work


Passenger Vehicles

Businesses of all size have needs of all sizes.  We work with every vehicle type, from on-campus maintenance vehicles to delivery and sales cars.  We transform your small vehicles into high-impact marketing machines that drive business and name recognition.


Service Vehicles

Commercial vans and trucks are the mobile offices of all trades.  Developing or executing a brand that shows the world what you do is what EQUIPT is all about.  With brand development as unique as your talents, your service vehicle can become your calling card in the market.


Over the Road Vehicles

EQUIPT is built to handle even the largest assets you own.  We can develop and execute your design for cab-chassis units, box trucks and even 53′ trailers.  Our incredible facility can house any size vehicle in any weather.  Make the most of your advertising space.

Peace of Mind


EQUIPT Graphics Solutions was founded by three of the most experienced and proven leaders in the fleet graphic market.  With over 65 combined years of brand development and program management on vehicles for Fortune 1000 companies, we can provide unparalleled insight and services that your company deserves.  We recognize that 99.7% of US Employer firms are classified as small businesses (under 500 employees) and we are here to help you show the world what you do!




Small businesses generate 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting companies.



If the 66 million small businesses in the U.S. were a country, it would be the 17th most populous country in the  world.



Over 50% of the 120 million Americans in the workforce work for a small business.



A small business is defined as an enterprise that has fewer than 500 employees.


Is your brand EQUIPT for success?


Vehicle branding is one of the most cost effective ways for small businesses to advertise a product or service.  EQUIPT Graphic Solutions was built to help small businesses get more out of their vehicles visibility.  Below are compelling stats on how important a well-planned vehicle graphic program can be for small businesses.

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