Integrating vehicle wraps into your overall marketing strategy

One of the key reasons that vehicle wraps are such a valuable tool for businesses is that they so easily and effectively complement other marketing tactics and align with your broader branding goals. Vehicle wraps provide your business with a flexible, powerful way of reaching new customers, while strengthening your brand and supporting your efforts in areas such as advertising, media relations, social media, videos, sponsorships, and website content.

Here are some key ways that wraps can bolster the overall marketing plan of your business.

Targeting your audience

Businesses can strategically use vehicle wraps to reach the key audiences they have identified as the focus of their marketing efforts. The Out of Home Advertising Association of America estimates that vehicle wraps can net up to 70,000 casual views or impressions on average in a day. You can send and park wrapped vehicles on high-traffic routes that maximize viewership of your brand or direct them to routes that target a specific desired audience. Vehicle wraps allow you to reach out your audience with unusual freedom and accuracy. The advantage of mobility also means that routes can be altered to fit the changing goals and needs of your business, evolving with little notice to target different demographic or geographic audiences.

Brand alignment

Vehicle wraps offer a powerful way to showcase your brand in a fresh light, while staying true to your brand guidelines. EQUIPT designers are experienced at working with clients to ensure that wrap designs match how you market your company and to highlight the style and tone that makes you unique in the marketplace. Consistency is crucial to your brand, and wraps serve as an eye-catching way to feature the logo, colors, font and other design elements that you are using in your other marketing efforts, as well as to incorporate your slogans and other key messaging language.    

Brand recognition

For your potential new customers, vehicle wraps fortify the marketing messaging that they are receiving from your business through other avenues. For instance, a potential customer who has seen your vehicle wraps on the road will be more receptive to a radio ad for your business that shares the same messaging. That will allow the ad to leave a more lasting, effective impression. Similarly, the sight of a vehicle wrap for your business will resonate for a potential customer when they also have heard your radio ad. Wraps help ensure that your brand will be increasingly recognized in the world.

An active member of the community

Vehicle wraps associate your brand with activity, and they show that you are embedded in the community. That helps to convey legitimacy and trustworthiness to your brand and to your accompanying marketing efforts, demonstrating that you have an established local presence and are called upon to provide your goods and services in the community.

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions specializes in creating vinyl wraps and decals that help small businesses get their message into the public eye in the most effective way possible. To find out more about the power of custom vinyl wraps to attract customers and support your brand, visit us at or on Facebook or contact the EQUIPT Graphics Solutions showroom nearest you in Toledo, Ohio; Orlando, Florida; or Austin, Texas. We hope to see you soon!