Common mistakes in vehicle wraps

All vehicle wraps are not the same. Some designers and installers lack the experience and expertise to understand the particular opportunities that wraps represent for businesses, while also being blind to the challenges that must be navigated for the successful design and installation of a new vehicle wrap. For businesses, enlisting a designer and installer without the necessary skills to wrap their vehicles can lead to damage to their brand and even their vehicles.

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions’ team of expert designers and installers understand the keys to a successful vehicle wrap. Here are the common mistakes you see less experienced designers and installers make.

What to feature

CTS Van Wrap

There can be a temptation to feature all kinds of details about your business on a vehicle wrap, but viewers will have a limited amount of time to process everything. Most will see your wrap in passing while they are in motion. Simpler is better. That means only including key elements about your business in the text on your wrap. Otherwise, your message will never reach your audience. Poor wrap designs also can prove unfaithful to your brand, failing to account for your branding guidelines and to feature your business in a light consistent with your other communications. EQUIPT’s expert designers can collaborate with you to identify the critical details to emphasize about your business, such as name, services, contact info and a slogan, and how to feature them in the best possible light.

Difficult to read

A common result of poor vehicle wrap design is a text and message that is difficult for viewers to read. One common problem is using a font that is too small, making it challenging for anyone to process it unless they are very close to your vehicle. Similarly, a bad choice in the type of font can be difficult for viewers to register — some fonts that are suitable for printed materials, for instance, may be tough to read on the side of a moving vehicle. A busy design, such as too many colors or complicated patterns, also may make it tough for passersby to focus on your key messaging. The design should accentuate the message and ensure it is clear.

Design doesn’t fit the vehicleInterstate Glass Truck Graphics

A wrap should fit the type of vehicle being wrapped, and that means the design should be developed specifically to the vehicle’s measurements and features. Different designs typically are necessary for different shapes and sizes of vehicles — from an 18-wheeler to a compact car. The design should consider a vehicle’s features, such as its curves and angles, to ensure that they do not undermine key messages or branding elements. For instance, an inexperienced designer could create a wrap that has text distorted because of its placement on the vehicle. Designers also should consider different viewing angles in the placement of critical information.

Installation errors

If your installer cuts corners or lacks the proper training and skills, your vehicle wrap could face unsightly problems. To start, the vehicle needs to be cleaned with a special solution that thoroughly removes oil, dirt and other attachments. If that cleaning is inadequate, the wrap often will not stick and will lead to peeling edges. That also can occur when an installer has not smoothed out wrinkles or improperly applied heat. Another result of poor heating application is bubbling of the wrap, which also can occur because the wrap has been overstretched. Peeling or bubbling also can result when installers do not remove parts of the vehicle, such as door handles or bumpers, that may need to be taken off during installation, depending on the vehicle. In addition, installers who overly stretch material can create unappealing streaks in the wrap. Finally, mistakes during the trimming of excess wrap material could damage the surface of the vehicle.

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions specializes in creating vinyl wraps and decals that help small businesses get their message into the public eye in the most effective way possible. To find out more about the power of custom vinyl wraps to attract customers and support your brand, visit us at or on Facebook or contact the EQUIPT Graphics Solutions showroom nearest you in Toledo, Ohio; Orlando, Florida; or Austin, Texas. We hope to see you soon!