EQUIPT Graphics Solutions specializes in the development and implementation of vehicle branding solutions for companies delivering products and services with service van fleets.

Full-size van graphics and installations are more complex today than in previous decades. The wave of European-style vans significantly increased the number of variables that impact your van graphics. Late-model vans require increased knowledge and the capability to address:

Proper selection of materials compatible with your vehicle’s complex exterior.
Application techniques that ensure the material performs as designed.
Kit planning to minimize the quantity and conceal necessary material seams.
Artwork planning that carefully places your creative in a way that fits your van.

An additional value that EQUIPT Graphics offers our clients is our partnership with Commercial Van Interiors (CVI). CVI is a provider of truck and van equipment that helps make small businesses safer and more productive. Our shared showroom and installation facility allows small businesses to save time by having graphics and aftermarket equipment installation completed in the same place. Our customers see strong value in our ability to save them time when purchasing new vehicles with our seamless approach.

Full-size vans are the workhorse of the local delivery and service category. Our mission is to make sure your vans make a favorable impression for your business on the community you serve.