How many businesses do you know from seeing their names and logos on the sides of vans and trucks as you navigate your commute or run some errands? If you are like most consumers, there are lots of them. We pay attention to the businesses that we spot on vehicles, whether we intend to or not. According to 3M and the American Trucking Association, 91% of target audiences noticed the text and graphics on truck advertising. Our eyes are just drawn to them.

Finding an audience to tell the story of your brand is at the core of the marketing mission of every business. If you are hoping to reach people where they are, you will need to consider a variety of methods to capture their attention. A consistently effective tool that businesses too often overlook is the use of mobile advertising on the exterior of vehicles.

Custom mobile marketing vehicles — whether they are cars, trucks or vans — serve to show off your brand “on the move,” reaching consumers in a dynamic, striking fashion through the use of an eye-catching custom vinyl wrap.

Mobile advertising on vehicles offers several advantages.

A memorable appearance

Mobile marketing vehicles are designed with the purpose of promoting your business. They are covered with an exterior vinyl wrap that features your company in an unforgettable, succinct way. This often includes such key elements as your company name, a logo, core services, a catch phrase, distinctive coloring, and contact information, such as a phone number and a website address. Wraps can cover the entire vehicle, including windows, or be a partial cover.

Telling your story

Wraps can be deftly adapted to your brand’s style and tone, whether that’s understated and elegant or something bolder and more extravagant. They can reflect your personality while conveying crucial information about you. As consumers repeatedly observe these vehicles out in the world, they effortlessly take them in and remember them. When they need the services you offer, they will remember you.


Most prominently, mobile advertising puts your brand in motion. Rather than a static placement waiting for your audience to find you, advertising on a vehicle is active and searching for your audience. That means you can bring your brand to consumers in an ongoing, strategic fashion. Mobile advertising simply goes where the people are.

If you’re hoping to attract a certain demographic of consumers, you can choose routes for the vehicle that will target that particular demographic. And you can adjust from day to day, week to week, to target different areas or audiences of emphasis. As a brand on wheels, mobile marketing vehicles also associate your brand with activity, making you a brand perpetually on the move in the eyes of prospective customers.

Strategic parking

Mobile marketing vehicles can travel in high-traffic areas where thousands of consumers will see your business across the day, but a custom-wrapped vehicle also can be parked in places sure to get attention, such as at shopping centers, along busy streets, or at trade shows, festivals or other special events as parts of broader promotions for your business. If it is located at a special event, the vehicle can be part of an immersive brand experience with giveaways, demonstrations, and other tools.

A captive audience

Mobile advertising vehicles are essentially moving billboards for your business — billboards that stop and start and draw the eye in traffic. They are at a natural line of sight for both drivers and passengers, and they don’t require motorists to look off the road to find them. They don’t have to be sought out — customers will observe these vehicles as they pull alongside them on the road or idle near them at a stoplight.

Often, motorists will encounter them for an extended period of time, making them more likely to be absorbed and remembered without effort. As a result of that and other advantages, a Transportation Advertising Council survey indicated that 96% of respondents believe mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. Essentially, custom vinyl wraps on vehicles can promote your business in a way that consumers won’t miss.

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