EQUIPT Graphics Solutions helps businesses attract new customers through eye-catching vehicle branding by applying durable, flexible, and removable graphic wraps that remain bright, bold, and relevant through a vehicle’s entire work life.

We want to “Show the World What You Do.” When your vans, trucks and fleets carry not only your people and products but also your message, beautifully and professionally created by EQUIPT, it is an impressive, cost-effective way to spread the word about what you do to your whole community.

“You’ve really got only a second to tell your story,” said Kurt Schmidt, one of EQUIPT’s founders and principal partners. “We at EQUIPT know how to use a color or design element to get somebody to look, and in that split second, tell them who you are and what you do and issue a call to action.”

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions was conceived in 2017 by Schmidt, Jason Butchart and Andrew Reynolds. Our founders have more than 65 years of combined experience constructing graphic-management programs for Fortune 1000 companies. Schmidt started in the industry decades ago as an installer and is such an expert in the end-to-end process that he has spent much of his career training technicians in proper installation procedures. He literally wrote the book—the essential training manual—on installing graphic wraps.

In 2019, after just over a year of developing and perfecting the model in our flagship Toledo, Ohio, location, EQUIPT expanded into the Florida market. In 2020, we opened a third design studio, this time in Austin, Texas.

To do this job correctly, “where you design something as complete as possible and then execute it from 2D to 3D and install it precisely, you have to process a lot of information exactly right,” said Schmidt. “If you don’t follow each of those details perfectly, you end up with something you didn’t expect. We use each vehicle’s curves and body shape to transform our graphics from two-dimensional to three-dimensional messages in an aesthetically pleasing and accurate way, and we make sure we get it right every time.”

A true one-stop shop, EQUIPT Graphics Solutions partners with Commercial Van Interiors (CVI), which outfits trucks and vans with aftermarket organizational equipment to make vehicles safer and workflow more efficient. You can choose everything you want for the interior and exterior of your vehicles in our design showrooms and have the whole installation done in one place, saving you time and effort.

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions is “growing and gaining acclaim as vehicle dealers and others recognize the quality of our work. Businesses realize that, though we may not be the cheapest, we offer the best value, primarily because of the durability, flexibility, and removability of our product. Your message stays vibrant and relevant for the long haul.”

If you would like to sit down with us and discuss options about increasing your business’s visibility to potential customers, visit www.equiptgraphics for the location nearest you or visit us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.