André Lemerand, senior project manager of FROGTOWN ROOFING PLUS, wanted a new look for his company’s van. Something fresh. Different. Bold. In a blast of creative collaboration, he found exactly what he sought at EQUIPT Graphics Solutions. Bold colors. An updated, three-dimensional mascot. And, best of all, new business and a lot of buzz around town.

FROGTOWN ROOFING’s previous vehicle wrap featured a cartoony, childish frog mascot, pastel colors, and more text than a passing driver could read and recall.

“We and the EQUIPT team totally revamped our frog, Roofus,” said Lemerand. “He looked like a baby before, but just as the company has ‘grown up’ since it started in 2009, so has he. Roofus is an adult now—muscular, strong, and solid. His smile is approachable and his stance—with his arms crossed—shows pride.”

Custom Van WrapThe “plus” elements in the company’s name, FROGTOWN ROOFING PLUS, are depicted faintly in the background of the wrap via architectural sketches and words that blend in. They are visible when the vehicle is parked, “but the essential information—our name, phone number and web address—is very clear to people who see it on the road. It’s everything we needed,” Lemerand said.

The creative process it took to achieve this outcome “was fun,” said Lemerand. He sat with the design team at EQUIPT’s collaboration table in the showroom shared by EQUIPT Graphic Solutions and Commercial Van Interiors (CVI), chatting about his business and explaining what he wanted. He was extremely impressed with the designer’s patience and desire to create the most striking art to best use the space on the mid-roof van and meet Lemerand’s needs. The team listened, revised, listened, and revised, working hand in hand with FROGTOWN ROOFING in this creative process. Twenty-three takes later, they got it.

“The designer, Taylor, did a phenomenal job, going above and beyond, so patiently, to achieve this great outcome,” said Lemerand. “He nailed it! We nailed it! We did it together! Taylor was proud of his work, and we are so excited about it, because it was such a fun project. The people at EQUIPT do take time, they do listen, they do care about your business. It was a very professional, exciting process. I still get excited thinking about it a year and a half later!”

FROGTOWN has received many compliments about their vans. (The first was so successful, they bought another, and EQUIPT equipped it with the same wrap.) Lemerand said, “When we ask how people found us, they say, ‘We saw you driving down the road, and your van looked so cool and professional. You must have put a lot of time and effort into it!’ This vehicle wrap is helping us build our brand. There’s no doubt we’ve gotten business from it.”

This attention-grabbing van wrap shows the community FROGTOWN ROOFING PLUS is a legitimate company and gives them credibility. The quality of the wrap reflects the professionalism, creativity, and detail-mindedness of the FROGTOWN team. That impact is felt whether the van is rolling down the highway or parked in a driveway.  

“The new vans inspire pride and confidence among the guys who work for us, too,” said Lemerand. “They know we care about them and the business because we’re investing in our company by applying this professional, high-visibility advertising.”

EQUIPT is “very professional, their relationship with Commercial Van Interiors is great, and although they welcome the opportunity to wrap the fleets of regional and large, national corporations, they are a great help to the small business owner,” Lemerand said. “Often, small businesses have limited resources; they’re hustling for their next job and they don’t realize how important it is to have such a professional look. Maybe they don’t even know something like this is available or don’t know where to start. EQUIPT can really help these guys with marketing, not only with their logos and wrap but with marketing materials as well. After you work with EQUIPT to design a logo and wrap, they can provide the files they create for your use in other marketing collateral, too.”

“Stop in and talk with EQUIPT Graphics Solutions a bit about how your business is going,” said Lemerand. “They actually care.”