We Show the World What You Do!

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions, an innovative vehicle-branding business, is growing fast—it just opened its third location in three years—this time, in the Austin, Texas area. The showroom at 16805 Radholme Ct., Round Rock, Texas, joins the successful Toledo, Ohio, and Sanford, Florida, locations in their mission to make people notice and remember YOUR business.

“We offer high-impact vehicle-branding solutions and provide attention-grabbing vinyl on windows and walls for commercial clients,” said the Austin store’s general manager, Sam Merkel. “We want to show the world what you do, whether we’re turning your vehicle into a moving billboard or applying vinyl on a stand-alone building’s walls and windows.”

Branding is about understanding your client and what the objective is. Sometimes it’s about creating an environment and using graphics to help establish that, or graphics can be used to initiate high-impact awareness and even tell a story. For instance, in a building, they can be used to set a tone or create an ambience. Whereas, on a vehicle, graphics usually try to catch attention in order to plant a seed in a consumer’s mind.

Though someone may not need a plumber, air-conditioning repairman, or roofer the day they see your van or truck, eventually they will. Your vehicle or window branding graphics must make such a big impact that the image lingers in people’s minds. In the internet age, consumers are driven by Google searches and reviews, and they are given a confusing number of options. EQUIPT Graphics Solutions aims to help its customers stand out and look more professional.

Merkel, who arrived in Austin from Michigan in August to launch this EQUIPT Graphics Solutions shop, loves meeting new people, taking care of customers, and learning how to solve their problems. The Austin folks’ warm reception and willingness to try EQUIPT’s services have jump-started the shop’s business.  

“Things are going great,” Merkel said. “Our first customer, Cody Pools, arrived right after we opened and then returned to wrap two more vehicles. We did three vehicles for Fish Gallery and we’re working on three more. Those first clients chose us due to our partnership with Commercial Van Interiors because CVI has such a good reputation with the dealer network in our area. We’re off to a good start!”

The EQUIPT Graphics Solutions’ relationship-driven business model is unique. They strategically open locations where they have a good regional partner. In Austin, they share a facility with Commercial Van Interiors, creating a one-stop-shop solution for clients. This partnership also works well for CVI because it offers great value to their customer base as well.  

The ease of doing business with both companies in the same spot is a big bonus for everyone: national corporations with large fleets and quick turnaround deadlines, leasing companies and dealerships, and local small businesses.

“We help make the process run smoothly, so people can leave our building and get right to work,” said Merkel.

Commercial Van Interiors can upfit your vehicle’s interior to maximize efficiency, with partitions, drawers and ladder racks, etc., and EQUIPT’s in-house designer and installer can add your memorable marketing message to the exterior. Doing all this in a one-stop shop saves you time and money, and EQUIPT makes it so easy that you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Also, EQUIPT Graphics Solutions’ relationship-driven mission is to help customers grow their businesses. Some already know the importance of advertising and have a budget for it, and EQUIPT’s one-stop shop makes it easier, quicker, and more efficient for them. They bring in their vehicles, get them upfitted, and install the exterior advertising at the same time.

Other businesses may still be learning how the right marketing can be effective. EQUIPT’s expert team educates them about the return they get on their investment when their vehicles grab people’s attention, tell them what you do, and get them to remember who you are when they need you.

EQUIPT Graphics Solutions also strives to be the best in terms of the nitty-gritty details of installation and execution of design. The EQUIPT team is extremely detail-oriented, making sure the design correctly follows the contours of your truck or van, seeking to eliminate seams on your vehicle, and solving other challenges and failures such as lifting points and bubbling that may have happened with previous installations. They apply top-of-the-line vinyl wraps that remain bright, bold, and relevant through a vehicle’s entire work life.

“Here in Austin, we hope to make a large market impact,” said Merkel. “We can do that only by helping as many people as we can, helping all our customers grow their businesses, and creating long-term partnerships with them. Our success depends on how significantly our work boosts our customers’ businesses. And as we all succeed, ultimately it helps everybody in the community.”

For more information about increasing your business’s visibility to potential customers, visit the EQUIPT Graphics Solutions’ showroom, 16805 Radholme Ct., Round Rock, Texas, call (737) 787-8500 or email General Manager Sam Merkel, sam.merkel@equiptgraphics.com.