Do you want the best return on your investment in advertising dollars? Are vehicle wraps worth their cost? How can you tell?

Vehicle wraps are proven to increase visibility and brand awareness and stimulate curiosity, because they are seen by everyone who drives or walks past your vehicle. But how do you know if they are sending people to your business or converting to sales?

Consider the mobile advertising you see every day: Amazon, FedEx, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Walmart, U-Haul, Home Depot. Even though these brands are practically household names, they still find it not only worthwhile but essential to brand the vehicles they have on the road constantly.

According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, OAAA, out-of-home advertising delivers superior ROI:

      • For every $1 spent on out-of-home advertising (O.O.H.), almost $6 in sales is generated.
      • Approximately 66% of out-of-home advertising viewers ages 16 and over were prompted by an O.O.H. ad to engage in an action on their smartphone, and 42% used their smartphone to search for an O.O.H. advertiser.

      Want Proof?

      To know precisely how effective vehicle wraps are at helping you reach prospective customers and achieving your business goals, here are several strategies recommended by EQUIPT Graphics Solutions, a vehicle-graphics industry leader:

      Add an alternative phone number

      By putting an exclusive phone number on your vehicle (that rings on your normal business line), you can track the calls that come in from the alternate number and know that these were generated from the message on your wrap. This is an easy, automatic way to keep count of traffic that is pushed your way. You can then log your conversions from these calls.

      Create a hidden landing page

      Similarly, you can place a QR code or a unique URL on the wrap that takes searchers to a secret landing page on your website from which they can go anywhere on your site. By monitoring your web traffic, with the help of Google Analytics, this is another way you can automatically track the number of people who respond to your wrapped vehicle.

      Promote special deals

      You can use temporary spot graphics to advertise specials on your vehicles for a limited time and easily remove, refresh or change them.

      If you run a promotion that is advertised only on your vehicle wrap, you’ll know that someone saw it if they mention it when they call or come in. Even if they found out from a friend who noticed it, that still tells you that the wrap is working and driving business to you.

      Track your leads, conversions and marketing expenses

      Go old school. As you converse with callers on your regular line or with walk-in customers, ask how they found out about you. Keep a record of their replies, either in a written log or digital spreadsheet. You can add columns about orders and purchases, too, giving you a succinct, direct view of how much money your vehicle wraps are generating for you.Keeping good records of your marketing expenses and the results you get from each tactic is an integral part of every business’s strategy. Include the cost of your vehicle wraps and the results they are bringing in to determine your return on that investment as you would for any form of advertising.

      Remember the hidden advantages

      A vehicle wrap’s protective quality eliminates downtime and loss of revenue since it means you don’t need to routinely repaint your vehicles or send them to the repair shop to fix scratches that could lead to corrosion.

      In addition, consider your increased return on investment regarding the ultimate residual or resale value of your vehicle due to the excellent shape of your truck or van at the end of its work life with you.

      Often, the power of advertising is not immediately visible or directly measurable. In general, the impact of branding and advertising is for a business’s long-term growth. For example, someone might see your vehicle 100 times and have no need for your plumbing service, but when that person has a leak in his kitchen, those 100 views have made him feel familiar with your brand and so he calls you. That is the power of marketing and another one of the many benefits vehicle wraps bring to your company.

      Choose the best wrap company

      To ensure that you are getting the best possible ROI with a vehicle wrap, choose a reputable company that uses state-of-the-art materials and installation techniques and employs professionally trained designers and installers who are as concerned about the success of your business as you are. A quality wrap, installed correctly, can remain bold, vibrant and eye-catchingly beautiful for up to seven years (except in harsh environments).

      If your vehicle is ever in an accident and, for example, a door needs to be replaced, a reputable wrap company can reprint the wrap design (which they keep on file) for the replaced door panel and ensure it matches up perfectly with the rest of that side.

      EQUIPT Graphics Solutions is a leader in the vehicle graphics category, with end-to-end solutions that give our clients best-in-class design, production and installation. We are known for our focus on details and curiosity and concern about your business and your goals. We share facilities with upfit companies such as Commercial Van Interiors and Advanced Work Vans, making it easy for you to upfit and wrap your vehicles in a one-stop shop, another way you can save time and money.

      Contact EQUIPT Graphics Solutions today to drive home the profits that come from wrapping your vehicles and putting them to work for you 24/7!