Are you missing out on jobs by not utilizing vehicle wraps to market your business? Your company cars are a moving billboard. Not using them to advertise your business is costing you potential revenue.

Custom vehicle wraps are a form of digital advertising. Depending on your location, each vehicle in your fleet can rack up 30K to 70K impressions every day. Among those viewing the vehicle, wrapping is people in need of your product or service.

With the right vehicle wrap design, you’ll draw added attention to your business.

How can a vehicle wrap help you stand out from the competition? Read this guide to learn the best practices for promoting your business identity and visibility.

The Effectiveness of Vehicle Wraps

To measure the effectiveness of vehicle wraps, you’ll need to analyze your current advertising and marketing strategy results. Today, many businesses are focusing their marketing dollars on digital advertising. It has been proven that digital marketing is successful because so many people are online.

Still, those same people also travel to work, school, and other places. Vehicle wraps increase the chances of them seeing your mobile advertising. Plus, it increases the likelihood of someone seeing your advertisement and remembering your brand.


Compared to billboards, print media, and digital ads, vehicle wrap costs saves businesses money. A Vehicle wrap lasts a long time. You can keep the same wrap for several years or switch your design annually.

Compared to other types of advertising, vehicle wrap designs are a one-time fee. Digital advertising can quickly amass a large bill because you’re bidding on clicks generated from impressions. PPC advertising creates a charge each time a user clicks on the ad.

With a vehicle wrap, impressions are free.

Cost can reach thousands of dollars when using print media for services like the U.S. Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). There’s the cost of artwork and printing the mailers. However, the biggest expense comes with postage delivery costs.

You can easily spend several hundred dollars per zone. A zone consists of homes or businesses in a geo-location.

Positive Effect on Your Brand

It’s been proven that the more a person sees something, the more their memory will retain it. Seeing your custom vehicle wraps around town will help people retain the business name when in need of your services.

Vehicle wrapping allows your company to build brand identity in many ways. Your vehicle wrap design can include your company logo and color scheme.

Having a slogan or tagline is essential in brand awareness techniques. Add your website and social media handles as an added plus.

Get Wrapped Up in More Exposure

We hope this simple guide to vehicle wraps has you thinking more about their value and potential return on investment. A vehicle vinyl wrap is easy to remove when it’s time for a replacement or when you trade in the vehicle.

Don’t miss out on growing exposure for your business. Click here to learn more or request a quote.