When designed well, a graphic or vehicle wrap is a highly effective form of advertising. Service vehicles frequently pass other possible customers who have similar needs when delivering products or services.

What message is your service vehicle communicating to the community about your business when parked at a job site? Does your vehicle graphics convey the same quality and dependability that you stand for as a business?

Below is a checklist to help you as a small business owner evaluate whether or not your vehicle graphics are due for an update:

Your design is too complex. At EQUIPT Graphics Solutions, we often work with companies who come to us with cluttered vehicle graphic designs. Although the products or services you offer are extremely important to set your business apart, we find the vehicle graphics medium is most effective when applying the ‘less is more’ philosophy.

To be successful with this medium, you must carefully assess the elements of your business to select those that will make the biggest impact in 3 seconds or less. We find that distinct color or a simple image can be far more effective than designs with heavy text (listing services, long taglines, etc.)

You’ve never really invested time or resources in your brand. With the many hats worn by most small business owners, it is not uncommon that branding, and specifically how you wrap your vehicle falls to the bottom of the list. Although time is limited, it is important to remember the impact that your vehicles can have on the growth of your business and not fall into the trap of remaining status quo.

Not only will you get less impact from your vehicle graphics if you are not conveying the right message, you might also be wasting money on a graphic program that just isn’t getting noticed.

You have a dated logo or design. Many of our clients have a long history of serving as a leader in their business segment. Your brand means something to your customers, and there can be hesitation to change. 

A modest refresh of your logo can show your customers that you are a company that respects it’s heritage, but continues to innovate and is committed to future success.

Your company is evolving. Another factor that drives many of our clients to consider a change to their vehicle graphics design is a change in their business. For example, if you are now offering a new line of service, a new product, opened a new location, etc. all could be important distinctions on your vehicle graphic design.

In addition to considering a vehicle design change, we’ve also helped businesses leverage promotional graphic materials that can temporarily promote something new about your business. Whether the change is trendy, or a long-term shift in your business, vehicle graphics can be a very effective way to share your growth with the community

You haven’t changed your design in years. A design change is also a very effective way to get customers and prospects to notice you again. We all fall into the habit of tuning out things we are use to seeing on a regular basis. The images we see every day begin to blend into the background and fail to catch our attention.

A new design shows your customers that you are reinvesting in your business. A properly planned design refresh will command attention from clients and prospects, and will help you stand out in the market you serve.

If you find that your vehicle graphics program fits in any of the descriptions above, we would be pleased to provide an assessment of your current graphics. Through a through review of your graphics and conversation about your business, we can build a plan and graphic design that will prepare you for success in 2018.

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